Calcifediol is the more bioavailable vitamin D form

We get vitamin D from sunlight, food and supplements
It is processed in the liver
Calcifediol is a natural, potent form of vitamin D
It is processed in the kidneys
Optimal vitamin D levels support healthy immunity

ampli-D® is the fastest form of vitamin D

Our bodies can get vitamin D from food, supplements and sunlight. Before this can be used further by the body, it needs to be processed by the liver and converted into calcifediol. It is a slow process that can easily take several months to reach healthy levels of vitamin D in the bloodstream.

ampli-D®, on the other hand, is already in the form of calcifediol. This means that it is immediately available to be activated and used by the body, increasing vitamin D levels 3x faster than normal vitamin D*.

Research has shown that ampli-D® increases the level of vitamin D more effectively than conventional vitamin D3. In addition, you’re more likely to achieve optimal vitamin D levels in just a few weeks with ampli-D®, rather than months with vitamin D3 supplements.

*Clinical studies show that sufficient vitamin D status is achieved on average 3 times faster and more effectively using ampli-D® compared to vitamin D3 on an equal dose basis.